Reincarnating Varanasi

Reincarnating Varanasi

Status First Phase of technical assessment and analysis with submission of revitalisation plan is over. Short Term projects are going on.

Location Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Future Institute undertook the task of imagining, and reimagining the fabric of Varanasi, and arrive at a blue print that is specific, ambitious and yet realistic, and develop a road map for change to be effected. The project involved a undertaking a comprehensive study to revitalise Varanasi, Heritage capital city of India, and its future growth with special emphasis on self-sufficiency, efficiency, identity, resilience and renewable energy based development model for existing and future growth.

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The work allowed examination of all issues of the fabric, allowing the delving into layers that are physical, cultural, historical, anthropological, environmental, and those linked to policy, and finance. Summary of proposals (not yet compiled, May be omitted also)
List of On-Going Projects
•    L(ED)ighting of ghats
•    Refurbishing cycle rickshaws
•    Solid Waste management of the city
•    Development of Tourism infrastructure- toilets, information centres, signages, maps
•    Mobility improvements along busy city roads

Planning & Design

The expert group consisted  of individuals/organisations that will have knowledge in the following and more disciplines as the study evolves.
a. Planning,  b. Urban Design c. Conservation d. Landscape Design
e. Environmental Engineering. f. Traffic h. History /Culture/Anthropology i. Textiles
k. Music l. Education m. Healthcare o. Governance. p. Hydrology
q. Sacred Landscapes r. Public Wellbeing

List of  organisations and collaborative partners
Future Institute, New Delhi (Nodal Institute , which has drawn on expertise from various sources, en-gaged in Urban Research)
Arya Architects, Ahmedabad. (A firm engaged in work in the public realm, associated with the BRTS in Ahmedabad, and with successful work in several projects of historical conservation In Rajasthan.
Sheth Techno Consultants, Ahmedabad (A multidisciplinary infrastructure design firm with a large portfolio of city level projects in India and abroad)
M/s.Prabhakar B. Bhagwat, Ahmedabad (India’s best known landscape planning , and landscape design firm, based in Ahmedabad )
LEAF, Ahmedabad (Landscape Environment and Advancement Foundation, engaged in research in landscape and ecology)
SG Architects, New Delhi (Engaged in mobility planning for several city initiatives)
Dastkari Haat Samiti, New Delhi (Craft organisation and Writer)

Abaxial Architects, New Delhi. (A design firm keenly interested in research in the arts, and exhibition design)
Ajoy Choudhury and Associates (Architecture and planning firm based in Delhi)
Hiland Group, Kolkata (Development company with key knowledge in governance and policy)
Abellon Clean Energy, Ahmedabad (India’s pioneering company engaged in clear energy and waste management)
Shift, New Delhi (A design office engaged in technology, urbanism and sustainability)
Crafts Revival Trust; New Delhi (Engaged in mapping and communicating the crafts in India)
Leena Aparajit. Educationist.
Varanasi Heritage Foundation, Varanasi (Vrinda Dar, Stefano De Santis, Gauri De Santis, Debashish Paul, Amrit Ghoshal, Ishita Mehta, Suresh Awasthi, Shalini Mishra Hertitage Mapping, Film Maker, Development Consultants)
TARU, Ahmedabad (Hydrologist/ Water management Consultant)
Professors of Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi



Informing and disseminating knowledge through events, media,
campaigns and collective sharing.