Bio-remediation of Nallah, Gurugram

Bio-remediation of Nallah, Gurugram

Client Viridian Real Estate Development, New Delhi

Status Completed

Location Sector 106, Gurugram, Haryana

Area 260 metres long drain stretch

The project features a unique approach to treat waste water of urban drains through natural remediation methods. The extensive proposes alternative suggestions for remediation of Nallah at Sector 106 Gurugram to develop it as an extended public space to the up-coming development (mixed use commercial complex) by Viridian Real Estate Developers.

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The key idea behind the approach is to transform marginalized spaces into healthy and meaningful environments for everyone to enjoy and to explore the potential of these neglected spaces, and the potential that they hold to become something more than a blight, ecologically restoring isolated and distressed spaces into a vibrant & ecologically self-sustaining spaces.



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