Decoding livability for Indian cities, Palava, Mumbai

Decoding livability for Indian cities, Palava, Mumbai

Client Lodha Developers, Mumbai

Status Completed

Location Palava, near Dombivali, Mumbai

Area 2500 acres

The project involved extensive research and analysis for formulation of Livability guidelines and sustainable performance specifications (planning and architecture) for 2500 acres township drawing best practices from National and International examples for making it as one of the first net zero Livable cities in India. Livability handbook sets out a list of determinants and criteria, which will enable our new towns, cities and urban centres to become more vibrant, relevant and sustainable. It also prescribes flexible guidelines, strategies and principles to be considered when planning and designing new towns and cities.

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The assignment sought to develop a comprehensive guide to rediscover and reinforce basic urban planning principles with a vision to achieve a Smart Urban Future for our Indian Cities with special emphasis on developing a 2500 acres greenfield project in Palava, new Dombivali Mumbai. The Livability Manual, produced as the final outcome of the research and is now a publication published by Future Institute, outlays guidelines with noteworthy examples of cities worldwide that have successfully addressed issues of livability.



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