‘GAON MERA’ – Education as the tool for holistic development

‘GAON MERA’ – Education as the tool for holistic development

Client HDFCErgo

Status On-Going

Location Kullu (Himachal Pradesh), Jalgaon (Maharashtra)

Gaon Mera’ initiative seeks to achieve holistic rural development through upgradation of identified Government schools in multiple geographies across India. As a strategic partner of HDFCErgo in the initiative, Future Institute is working in developing an action plans for improving the quality of education and upgradation of existing educational facilities through participatory planning and innovative design. Two out of the proposed eight projects are currently going on.

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The initiative addresses the need for sustainable educational infrastructure and support system for rural development and foster community-led participation in identifying solutions to the challenges that may arise during project development and execution On-going Projects •    District Kullu, Himachal Pradesh •    District Jalgaon, Maharashtra



Informing and disseminating knowledge through events, media,
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