Himalayan Institute of Alternative Ladakh

Himalayan Institute of Alternative Ladakh

Client SECMOL, Ladakh

Status On-Going

Himalayan Institute of Alternatives (HIAL) is an ambitious project that seeks to establish as an exemplar alternative learning in higher education and sustainable living environment. Apart from finding solutions to the problems of Ladakh and the mountains, the University will also aim to establish for the world a new model of higher education that is more practically engaging and directly relevant to life and its challenges in the real world.
Future Institute has collaborated as a strategic partner in the initiative for conceptualiz-ing the vision and developing the master plan of Himalayan Institute of Alternatives (HIAL), a global university of alternative learning in Ladakh. The Institute has actively provided and enabled communication and outreach strategies in enabling HIAL (or the initiative) to realize its vision.

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The Alternative University shall be a place of true learning where students learn more from direct engagement in field experiences than from mere classroom lectures, where they create cases to study rather than merely read case studies in books. Students would acquire real-life skills in the field of their choice by working more than half the time in practical ventures launched by the university itself. Students doing business management would run real businesses based on the campus, students studying agriculture and forestry would work on the farms and afforestation projects of the university and students doing masters in education would actually be working in real schools on the campus itself. Similarly students doing hospitality and tourism management would be developing new products such as winter tourism in Ladakh or running on-campus innovative hotels and travel companies. And therefore the university will be more than just classrooms and lecturers; it will be like a whole real city, a small universe in itself and hence more of a Univer-City.



Informing and disseminating knowledge through events,
media, campaigns and collective sharing.