Founding Memebrs and Advisory Board

Nikhil Segel

Nikhil Segel

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A graduate of the School of Planning and Architecture. Nikhil Segel is an overweight underpaid minimalist.  A qualified Architect and terrible negotiator; he abhors suits and refuses to wear them. He insists that he was born in the wrong century and should have been a Nawab complete with Harem and Privy Purse. In the real world he insists on personalized interaction with his clients, demands perfection from his team, and creates trend breaking projects such as Climax an award winning night club, Tarun Khiwal’s Studio which changed industry standards for fashion studios and Virendra Sehwag’s Home which commenced a spurt of home redesign in the Indian Cricket Team. He is constantly caught in the struggle of too little time vs. his desire to create. It doesn't help that he also teaches, writes, photographs, MC's shows and loves to socialize. He currently lives in New Delhi with his mother, two sons and various other creatures large and small, the largest being his expanding girth.

People Behind

The Institute significantly draws upon its Founders, Advisory Board and team that come from a diverse network of
academics and practitioners across disciplines and practice domains, and contribute significantly
to Institute’s functions and initiatives to help it articulate its vision.