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201 ACTS (First Edition)

The book attempts to identify contemporary Indian urbanism and create new metaphors for our people and the cityscapes they inhabit through architecture and real estate development. The book is an outcome of Spiretec competition, which was an architectural design competition for a mixed use development in Greater Noida, organised to explore myriad opportunities for building a new landmark of Modern India. This was one of the first Indian international design competitions organised by the private sector, which received a resounding response with 713 registrations from 67 countries, and eventually 201 entries. A final winner was awarded the project. The lively debate and discussion generated during the jury process raised issues beyond the competition and these were taken forward as a ‘Festival of Urbanity’: the ‘India@100 week’ in Delhi. The week engaged the citizens of the city through exhibitions, talks, workshops and music. The ‘India@100’ week was the first response to critical issues raised during the jury discussion. It is a valuable book to see many design thoughts on how India’s urbanity be imagined, along with some food for thought provided by authors like Michael Sorkin, Peter Bossleman, Suparna Bhalla, et all. It also has details of an exhibition that was curated by Geeta Wahi Dua, on the Hope Stories of India. The book is a compilation of the remarkable journey (the competiton+India@100) of seeking a new identity for India through Architecture, Design and Technology.