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Future Institute is a not-for-profit, multi-disciplinary applied-research based platform, that seeks to undertake and enable initiatives towards informing how India shapes. its urban future when it celebrates is 100 years of independence in 2047.

The Institute has been established with the objective of mentoring and incubating innovation, thoughts and processes that reflect over new paradigms of planning, architecture and urban design. The Institute is envisioned as an open-source network seeking partnership with other institutions, practices and professionals that build a repository of all knowledge are concerning our cities.

The Institute firmly believes and advocates Equity, Ecology and Identity as the key values that must guide the urban transformation of India over the years to come. Since inception in 2011, the Institute has embarked upon several research projects, also established key relationships with some institutions and is keen to forge partnerships with like-minded organisations, institutions, professionals and individuals. Future Institute is an interactive medium to explore, assimilate, facilitate and communicate a dream for Urban India through example, experiment and exception.

Our Values

Future Institute strongly believes and advocates the fundamental values of EQUITY, ECOLOGY and IDENTITY,
that form the inherent principles guiding its initiatives and action-plans together with research & collaboration as the
as the enabling tools to articulate its vision.

image description


Holistic in encompassing myriad
human interfaces

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Humble in approach toward nature
and environment

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Harmonious with the culture and
character of the place

Our Initiatives

We are committed to go beyond the conventional research practice towards applied research based innovative and
creative path seeking approach. A platform to innovate, create and disseminate knowledge through collaboration and partnerships.
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People Behind

The Institute significantly draws upon its Founders, Advisory Board and team that come from a diverse network of
academics and practitioners across disciplines and practice domains, and contribute significantly
to Institute’s functions and initiatives to help it articulate its vision.

Our Collaborations

The Institute seeks to establish a multi-disciplinary podium with like-minded organizations, institutions,
professionals and individuals, that actively influence urban thought and practice.
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